Customizable liquidity
Trading services
Prior to the trading:
order and execution management
    Prior to the trading, the customer may use the MT4 order management system provided by MMIG to manage the order and order execution, which allows the customer to purchase or sell the foreign exchange assets.
    MMIG aggregate, as an order management tool, it brings together a number of liquidity (refers to the bank) offers, to obtain the best price, can enable customers in the most favorable price point to execute orders.
Trading execution:
active trading
    The biggest feature of active trading is high frequency and fast speed.MMIG continued to flow also called "bank Stream", which can satisfy the customers to trade according to the spot prices in major currencies in foreign exchange transactions.
After the transaction:
Clearing Center
    MMIG clearing center is a network system composed of a number of banks, custodian banks and major foreign exchange institutions.MMIG liquidation center itself does not liquidation trading.It is only through the provision of transaction confirmation, matching transactions, determine the liquidation method, the management of clearing tools, automatic generation of the net, the security transfer third party notification and other services to facilitate the settlement between the customer.
professional services
Asset Management Manager
    According to asset management, we have established a cooperative relationship with different international well-known financial technology companies to provide customers a company's business management account. By linking the customer assets with the management system (MAM), and money is managed by running company's own R & D automated trading system in the existing multiple account management system, as well as through the company's account.
Foreign exchange broker
    To obtain the true quotes from liquidity providers, the central clearing solution, which will maximize the long-term profit. Source of liquidity stems from different liquidity providers, and is balanced in a single account.
Fund Manager
Currency manager
    Through the bridge to connect to the liquidity from global investment bank , lower trading costs and balance in a single account, so as to enhance the performance of long-term trading. MMIG also ensure that there is no conflict of interest execution, customers’ funds will be hosted in the financial institutions under the global regulatory, as well as fully public and transparent.
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