MMIG group was founded in 2010, providing global electronic trading services for organizations and professional investors, and customized foreign exchange, precious metals, energy and CFD liquidity. We provide customer liquidity, credit and payment solutions, making customers’orders to markets fast and innovatively.
      We access liquidity and ECN sites composed of more than 20 famous banks and non banks. The group has consistently carried out a solid business ethics, maintained a good reputation and market performance, and committed to reducing the cost of the customer's entry into market. Passion and adaptability is the cornerstone to promote the growth of MMIG group, stablize customer base and promote business development.
Multiple asset ECN
Institutional liquidity provider
Prime Broker Credit relationship liquidity provider
High frequency trading liquidity solutions
Top banks liquidity in the world
Trading services
Foreign exchange, precious metals, CFD liquidity multiple asset ECN Market
Data centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia
Multiple trading platforms
Global customer service
Offices in five countries
Offices in five countries
Experienced trading engineer software development
Flow distribution




he ability to buy or sell easily without affecting price stability. The market is described as having liquidity in the case of a smaller bid.As a well-known liquidity provider, MMIG is designed to help financial institutions make the best price implementation from liquidity providers.
      MMIG is to provide customers with multi bank foreign exchange gathering services, designed to perform spot foreign exchange trade. The service serves as a market function, providing infrastructure to facilitate the multiple bank application program interface (API) and assist delivery mechanism to liquidity supply bank.
      Under the MMIG multiple bank spot foreign exchange quotation integrated bridge system, all customers can enjoy the "bank to customer product trading" service. All cooperative banks can be used as the customers’liquidity provider. In order to better complete the implementation of its spot foreign exchange transactions. MMIG is like a public facility of market, the facility can maker all people use banks API (Application Programming Interface) and routing mechanism, the customer's transaction data is forwarded to the liquidity providers.
Available to broker 100% tradable liquidity
Fully tradable liquidity
TRUMATCH algorithm for continuous
optimization trading liquidity
Robust dealing rate Exchange model based on order and trading environment based on Liquidity
Unique brokers trading model for the economy
Based on orders and liquidity of the transaction is not related to the broker liquidity
Neutral broker, all participants have access to the same entry
Centralized credit contract
No minimum trading volume required
Unique properties
Support multiple order types
FIX4.4 and binary agreement ITCH AND OUCH
Ultra high speed order matching engine
Area matching engine
Comprehensive interaction with the order quotation
LiveZilla Live Chat Software