From 2010, MMIG aimed to shorten the gap between customers and market, so that customers can access the real liquidity from the top banks and ECN platform by Prime Broker service.
    Since 2010, as a Borker Prime, MMIG continued to focus on effective customer support and innovative liquidity solutions. MMIG group covers the world, with offices in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and China.
    About B2B, a full range of STP implementation, making MMIG and customers without any competition and interest conflict, effective customer support and stability, competitive liquidity access, and establishing long-term and benign cooperation with customers are the purpose of MMIG.

    MMIG has always focused on technological innovation. Our advanced MT4 bridge system, connecting to the major liquidity providers, will make your trade has full liquidity.

    A successful partner is based on a balanced interest. MMIG's business model makes its strong industry relationship and wide liquidity resources, to help business development from professional customers and institutional clients.
    As a pure foreign exchange liquidity provider, we provide liquidity solutions mainly in the foreign exchange market, CFD market, serving for institutions and foreign exchange brokers. When MMIG, it has obtained a wide of attention. MMIG has dealed with more than $50 million contract orders for global customers every day ,and this number is still growing, which driving our technology constantly innovating, to provide a fair, stable, and efficient market access for our customers.
2010 Establish Market Maker International Group(MMIG)
2011 Establish New Zealand Branch Company
2011 Distribute all the market maker business to the New Zealand Company
2012 Establish MMIG W&L Team
2012 Establish MMIG Trust Team
2012 Establish MMIG Law Team
2012 Enter the Asia Pacific, market maker business and white label business
2013 Establish MMIG R&D Team
2014 Establish Australia Asia Division
2016 Establish a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand MMIG NZ Limited
2016.7 Purchase Forex group Australia Pty ltd 
2017 Establish a branch company in Malaysia 

New Zealand

Address: 111 Bridge Street, Nelson, Nelson, 7010 , New Zealand

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